What is EIR Texture in SPC Flooring

What is EIR on SPC Flooring?

EIR stands for Embossed in Register and is a method used by manufacturers to create the appearance of wood grain similar to real hardwood. This process intensifies the texture, depth, and appearance of the floor.


This EIR collection was created based on this point, it gives an ideal choice for those who want their floor to look as close to real wood as possible and looks fantastic. ANZ Flooring uses the most advanced Embossed in Register technology. EIR flooring has the look and feel of real wood with all of the benefits and easy care of the best SPC Flooring. ANZ flooring is truly the best of both worlds – combining the gorgeous appeal of high end hardwood flooring with all of the benefits of a top quality floor.

What is EIR on SPC Flooring?


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